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California Bounty is a collection of Bail Enforcement Agents in California. Each agent is California Penal Code 1299 Compliant and knowledgeable with all California Bail Laws.
California Bounty serves all 58 counties of California. We never take short-cuts personally or professionally and we always reflect a positive and professional image to others as well as the "skip" him/herself on behalf of the client, the Bail Agent.






We are excited to announce the opening of American Bail Training Center & Fugitive Recovery School! While we are still in the process of course approval we invite you to check out our new training website at , register online for updates and course offerings coming soon! You can also contact as at 1-888-303-2767 TODAY. Click the "Training" tab in our menu above. AMERICAN BAIL TRAINING CENTER & FUGITIVE RECOVERY SCHOOL - CA BAIL EDUCATION PROVIDER # 301208



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The image of a “Bounty Hunter” bringing to justice a runaway fugitive is often glorified in the media and by the movie industry. Bounty hunters are depicted as “maverick” law enforcers who operate on the fringe of the criminal justice system to capture the most wanted criminals, in exchange for a reward. However, critics maintain that loose state regulations foster abuse by bounty hunters, allowing them to act more like outlaws they pursue than like law enforcers.

Bounty Hunters can be defined broadly as a category of persons who earn their living by tracking down someone or something for money. The standard fee is ten percent of the face value of the bond or surety (security against loss or damage). A bail bond is a fee posted by a person (bail agent) to ensure that an accused person appears in court on a certain date while he or she remains free. If the accused person fails to appear at his or her court date, the bail agent posting the bond can call upon the bounty hunter to retrieve this person. In contrast, a reward compensates a single service that is performed only once, such as in the capture of a fugitive.

The bounty hunter (bail enforcement agent, bail fugitive recovery person, etc.) is responsible for finding that relatively small number of bonded individuals who have failed to appear for their appointed court time and returning them to the justice authority prior to the forfeiture of the bond guaranteed by the bond agency. The Professional Bail Agents of the United States indicate that less than one percent of those persons under bail control do not return to court.

Courts have granted bounty hunters extensive powers for the purposes of returning fugitives to justice. These include the powers to pursue a fugitive into another state, to arrest him or her at any time, and to break into a fugitive’s house in order to capture him or her.

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As of January 1st 2013, Penal Code 1299 also known as the Bail Fugitive Recovery Persons Act is back in effect. The law sunset back in 2011, but AB 2029 brought it bake to life in 2012 and while the Penal Code section number hasn’t changed the law differs from the late 1299. The changes include things like the Powers To Arrest course is no longer necessary. The 40 hour Penal Code 823 Arrest, Search, and Seizure is still required and as always I recommended the additional PC 832 Firearms. Now as for the pre-licensing class for Bail Agents, still required, however, what you may not know is that the class is now 20 hours. This was changed by the Department Of Insurance and is required for Bail Agents as well. Some providers of the class offer an 8 hour course for bounty hunters to add to their previous 12 certificate. There are a few new changes in the law and for additional information see the chaptered AB 2029 in the California Laws Page under the Laws By State tab above. Also to help answer some of the questions regarding Bounty Hunters being “Grandfathered” to the law, all bounty hunters should make sure that they hold current certificates for all of these courses.

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California Bounty has recently acquired RecoverOne Forfeiture Solutions and their clients. We look forward to serving all of our clients with our HuntingNationWide program, that will partner with Investigators from all over the country to provide each client with the best Investigator at the best price, by utilizing bounty hunters in the areas our clients need us, thus saving time and money. For more information contact us toll free at 1-888-303-2767 or use our "Contact Us" link



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